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Downtown Subscription Show

About the Artist

I am a photographer from Boulder Colorado. I have been coming to Downtown Subscription for many years even if I was staying on the other side of town.  In December I was having coffee here with an old business colleague talking about the bike industry.  Casey, the owner, overheard us and we started.  He gave me an unusual look and asked what my name was.  I answered and to my shock, he said, "You won the US Professional Cycling Championship in 1986!"  In the mid-80s, Casey was a journalist covering the sport of bike racing!  

I am delighted and grateful that he has given me this chance to show a small bit of my work. 


Swirling Energy

I was alone driving from Santa Fe to Boulder.  It was late.  It was raining lightly.  I was getting tired.  After finding a deserted spot in the San Louis Valley, I forced myself out of the car and try a few concepts.  It brings a wonderful energy when your concepts actually work out.  8-second exposure.

Downtown Subscription Comp_U3A4628-Edit-Edit.jpg

Almost Got Away

Drones not only fly smartly, but they can also carry their own lights.   This offers unique opportunities for creating some amazing images or losing a thousand dollars in a miscalculation or by pressing the wrong button.  Thankfully, this image was the happy ending.  20 seconds.

Downtown Subscription Comp_U3A6612.jpg

Trout Study 

This is a form of Drone photography and Drone flying to an extreme.  What we see are 5 separate drones, mounted with lights and programmed to fly a specific sequence of maneuvers all at the same time.   The roughly 5 minutes open shutter of the camera captures what the buzzing drones are drawing in the sky.  

This 3D drone programming is the brilliance of Lume Machina.  I was fortunate to collaborate to capture the image.  5 minutes and 7 seconds.

Downtown Subscription Comp_U3A1320.jpg

About the Work.

This body of work is about capturing light through time and using only what the camera records.  I enjoy pushing the boundaries of light painting that explores the beauty and energy of light.

With many pieces, the landscape is a key element in attaining my vision.  

Each image is one picture.  

I am not composing or manipulating the image except to adjust or correct the color.

Downtown Subscription Comp20210322-DJI_0976-Edit.jpg

30 Second Selfie

I had this concept but there I was in the middle of the Bonneville Speedway at 1 AM and no one to model for me.  It had to be a selfie then.  This is all from one single click of the shutter - 30 seconds long.  If it was not freezing, I might have tried to take a few more frames to make sure I didn't crop my feet! 

Downtown Subscription Comp_U3A4495.jpg

Quark of Light

Drones fly.  But they can do a lot more when you get creative with them.  For example, they can also take pictures.  All you have to do is fly it and then frame the picture and in this case, also generate the light source and, oh yes, also make sure the camera takes the picture at the right moment(s).  8 second exposure.

Downtown Subscription Comp20210314-DJI_0903-Edit-Edit_edited.jpg

Radiant Man

I love working in the studio with lighting.  I often try to incorporate creative lighting techniques with clients, sometimes mixing different types of lighting.  This is a photographer's 'artist sketch'.  It was a deliberate experiment using lighting as it is not intended to be used like this. 54-second exposure.

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