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Downtown Subscription Comp_U3A6608-Edit.jpg

Recording Light in Landscapes

In my landscape images, I bring in a slight bit of Astrophotography in the background. 

Haystack of Light - 25-second exposure

Floating on Salt Water -20-second exposure.  

The difference a week makes on the salt flats.  I returned there to discover it entirely covered with 6 inches of water. 

Long Exposure Landscapes

Ambient light in the landscape can offer unique challenges and opportunities.

13-Seconds at 2:40AM - I used the ambient light from Miami Beach to illuminate the lifeguard tower against the ocean. 13-Second Exposure.

Salt Flat Sunrise - 3-Second Exposure.

Downtown Subscription Comp_U3A7565-Edit.jpg
Downtown Subscription CompDJI_0946.jpg
Downtown Subscription Comp20210314-DJI_0903-Edit-Edit_edited.jpg

Drone as Camera

Using a drone as the camera creates a different perspective.  I love to experiment with what those different perspectives can reveal.  

Quark of Light - 8-second exposure.

Somewhat Controlled - 8-second exposure.

Drone as Light Source

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Downtown Subscription Comp20200723-_U3A2512.jpg

Traditional Light Painting

These are more 'traditional' light paintings where I am projecting an object with a light source.  

Radiant Man - 54-second exposure.  

Body Light - 20-second exposure.

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